Should I add ™…


Should I add a ™ to the end of my name in HS?!?

  • Yes
  • No


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It's really your choice, but it might make it harder to find
(when you are searching your username)

Also, people might steal the name codeperfect and impersonate you.
(but it's unlikely)


I probably won't. I just won't to see what people think!!


Ah, okay.


Do you want to do a Collab with me?!?


Yeah, sure. Have you got a general topic? We can talk there.


Okay!! I will tag you on their!!


Very true :slight_smile:


You should put the ® symbol at the end of your name.


if you have the ability to actually trademark your name, yeah. buuut, that process thakes far too long.


maybe not, because if you do ppl can't search you up bc they dont have tm in their keyboard.
but u can if u want!


Please choose no. That sign can lead to be sued. Even as a kid. The tm sign is ONLY for businesses that paid their name.


No that can lead to being sued. Especially r more than tm. It is only for paid businesses that are profesional and known around america


Well.... trademark is a real thing that's for copyright, plus it might be harder to fine you.


I say you can do it if you want to. I'm thinking of putting one on the end of my name. But it's your choice obviously :slight_smile:


Please don't say swear words!
flags post


Right as I saw that I was like, FLAG!!


It seems like that when I flagged it it automatically got hidden.


Probably cause then there was two flags? I don't know.


But we are both regs. Maybe that's the case?