Should Hopscotch Keep the Rising Category?


Plz vote because I might email the results to Hopscotch

  • Yes
  • No


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No, they never use it. I've seen plenty of games that are worth it, but aren't uploaded to it.


I think yes because it's a challenge to get on there and it is a big achievement


That's what I have been complaining about


That is also true but the projects are like 30 weeks old
Now I feel old :older_man:🏻


Maybe if you email them saying could you please use the rising area they might do it


I wish they'd use rising more often tbh


That is a solution


Does that mean that could work




What did you say I don't understand you


Yes, as long as the keep putting new projects up there


The rising category is basically dead. There are simple (or maybe advanced at that time) projects there. Liza said something about bringing back so maybe some simple pixel arts and stuff can be on there


I mean the first one is mine up there

it means a lot to a person who knows they will never get featured!


i kinda take offense to that...


Yeah, why not? I know it hasn't been updated for a while, but it might come in handy someday


I think they should keep it but resume updating it. If they never update it, I think they should get rid of it.


It's actually not very big of an achievement. The only reason it may be big, is because it's kinda like featured, but...


I agree with @BlastFusion. I've seen games where all the characters just spin, it looks like a computer picks some randomly..