Should Hopscotch have Twitch Channel?


Hopscotch has no twitch channel. It could be used for live tutorials!


Hmm, idk about this. It’s a good idea, but I don’t think THT will go for it

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Great idea, but they won’t do it because “the chat counts as communication outside forum”


True yh


The chat wouod be He’ck on Earth to moderate


Can’t you disable the chat? THT could also possibly do it on YouTube, or do tutorials live and unedited and then upload them after they were recorded.


Maybe, but you know where things like this go


And also playing hopscotch games :face_with_monocle:


I doubt any regular users would be able to post in it, which is what everyone wants, unlike in channels like “featured”, “trending”, or “rising” (which is decided by THT only.)


Yeah, it would have to be strictly moderated and THT would have to be the only ones posting on it (maybe with some exceptions of verified users) if they would decide to do it.


Yeah exactly.

But then what’s the point if we can’t ask THT questions / make comments as they’re doing it? They might as well just upload a video at that point.

My suggestion is that they make a topic on here for talking on during the livestream.

The “Livestream Chat” topic would be on screen as THT is doing a tutorial or answering questions.


Im pretty sure HS has a pretty good arsenal of tutorials and they had a YT channel. However livestreams i think might need 1 people to view. There are only 200 some people on the forum each week, and whats the chance that one of em is going to see a livestream? 2. Some bigger purpose. I mean i love HS but at the moment i dont see why Hs would do a livestream in the first place. They need a reason to do one, and currently there isnt a big one striking me. 3. Communication outside le forum. Even if HS disables comments this doesnt stop us maybe finding ways to chat, like in the comments of some other video related.

Thats all folks