Should Hopscotch delete old accounts?



So if accounts like take up some kind of storage or memory in the database, then that’s a different story, but they still shouldn’t delete accounts even if they take up storage. Or maybe if storage was a problem, they could email/contact the owner of the account.


Well when I’m searching for one specific person in the search, there are always like 20 accounts and 2/3s of them don’t have any games. At least remove them from the search!


I don’t think they should delete the old accounts. Other coders might get ideas from an old account. Take MagmaPOP for instance. I have gotten some ideas from his projects, and others probably have too! Plus, the projects are an inspiration to keep coding, and the games are just plain fun to play. :smile:


Well yah that makes sense


I love coding… :blush:


Same, don’t we all…XD


I think they should delete the hopscotch accounts that have never posted anything in the first place and have done nothing for over a year or something.


That’s what I’m trying to get at.