Should Hopscotch delete old accounts?



Does Hopscotch delete old accounts?
Should they? I’ve seen this stuff a lot.

Anyway should they? Or not?

  • They should delete old accounts
  • They shouldn’t delete old accounts
  • It really doesn’t matter to me
  • Other (reply suggestion)

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No need to look at this stuff


Thanks for listening and have a great day!


I believe that THST shouldn’t, I mean you can delete projects (also why was I tagged?)


EDIT: Should the delete old accounts that don’t make games or don’t have any games?


I have no clue y u were tagged, sorry.


I don’t agree…


This is opinion based.


Do you think the HST should?




Well only if they hadn’t made a game in like 70+ weeks unless they were game-changers like MagmaPop. Also if they haven’t shown a sign of coming back and making games.


They shouldn’t because that would cause riots


I don’t know what you mean. Can you explain it to me?


Imagine how coming back to hopscotch, and finding that all of your projects are gone, along with your entire account, would feel? What if you had to leave hopscotch for school, and decided to come back, only to find everything gone?


Good point but what about the accounts with no games?


Don’t know and don’t care


Um okay than wasn’t expecting that lol


It’s still someone’s account. Some people only draw, but what if they found all their masterpieces gone?

People worked in projects…or they at least had to hit a couple of buttons. Their followers might even check their accounts frequently.


Good point but still - what about the accounts without games?


They are still accounts. They are still people


But without any games means that they most likely forgot about it.


Some people use it to build friendships…and rp