Should Hopscotch cost 8.00


$7.99 for a one-time fee, right?
I would expect access to the source code.


Every month!


What would you do with the source code?


I'd add new features.
I don't know Swift, so I'd have to learn it.


Hopscotch basically made their own library. It would take years to analyze all their code and functions to be able to add new stuff. It would be much easier to just write it from scratch.


It wouldn't, because I'd have to make the whole thing.


Yeah, but hopscotch built their own functions within hundreds of thousands of lines of code. To understand it you would have to find the lookup of a function, lookup the functions it uses, so on and so on. It is way harder to analyze code than it is to write it.


I'm better at analyzing that writing xD