Should Hopscotch cost 8.00


Uh ok!.................


But how do you subscribe?


There is a button in the top corner of hopscotch.

(I can't show you a screenshot, because I already subscribed so the button isn't there anymore.)



The forum or the app?


On the app! :smiley: It's a little star I think.


Will it work on the old version because I have the old version?


No, i think you have to update!


My dad said that he would expect more code, like arrays. :slight_smile:
I personally don't know what that is, but he said it would be useful.
I think the pictures are a big addition, though!


But I don't remember my password!






I love how Liza voted yes :joy:

I get why they need money, and it's awesome that they have subscriptions now, but I just can't afford 8 dollars a month. If it was five I could totally do it.


Yeah me too @malie !
I have only free games like hopscotch and I would never pay 8$ a month!


It's 50% yes and 50% no!


If hopscotch was 7.99, I would expect...

• Customizable editor, (you could switch between layouts, color pallets, etc.)
• Little to no lag
• A messaging system (for Collabs to be easier, for people to get feedback, etc.)
• Switching between accounts made easier (Maybe like how Instagram does it with the drop down?)
• Customizable profile

I know that's a lot, and like KC said, you need money to do it, I just think it's a bit overpriced for the few features get.


Yeah, I agree. However, I don't think THT wants to implement a PM system.


Anybody else gonna vote?
I'm about to close the vote


This frdge!

Opens frdge door


XD lol!!!!! but ur a blast freezer


Do you mean $8 every month or once?