Should Hopscotch cost 8.00

  • Yes
  • No


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THT needs money so they can have a steady source of income and add new features to HS!


THT needs money, but I agree it is somewhat overpriced.


What would you expect of an app that costs $7.99?


I would expect a very good app! A quality one with good reviews!


Images (duh), custom sounds, more blocks, etc.


Ok I understand..........


Lol Liza voted yes (obviously)

I think the price is okay right now @Liza! But maybe a slightly reduced one would be more appealing to Hops?


You could make the price 7.98 XD


Yeah so people can save 0.02 somethings instead!

Hai @Kiwicute2016


I think a better idea is:
$9.95 for the subscription
$7.95 during the discount
Because pennies aren't very valuable nowadays
And because I like rounding :stuck_out_tongue:


I think that the subscription price is reasonable.

  • it's less than a coding camp

  • it's around the same as games others play, like animal jam.

  • it's optional, and you in no way have to pay the price.

These reasons make me believe the subscription is completely reasonable!

Also, if the app just costed 7 dollars in the App Store, many people wouldn't buy it. Having the subscription being optional is better!

And, guys, THT needs a steady income for there families. We have to respect that!



I was thinking $5 a month. :()


I think they should make it 5 or 6 dollars at the least or 9 dollars at the most


Does anyone who doesn't have the subscription think the price is reasonable?


I'm getting it on Sept 1st and yes I think the price is reasonable!


I think the price is reasonable for now!

The team needs money! :D running an app can be expensive! :0
But if you reduce it to say, 5$ or so more hops could get it which means more money :money_mouth:

Becuase more hops would be able to get it!

@Liza! :D


Out of a coding app like Hopscotch, I would except little to no lag, even on older devices, more customizable abilities (e.g. blocks, preferences, able to change the colors of blocks, able to order the blocks differently), and an app that has little to no bugs.

Now i totally get that that above was a lot and you guys need to make money to great those demands, but if you lower the price, even to just 5 or 4 dollars, I assure you that you will get a lot more customers willing to pay and find a lot more cash in your bank account. Maybe it's just me, but I like things cheap. xD

Two quick things. 1. in future updates, can you guys make it possible to zoom in on the editor and 2. how many people have subscribed so far?


What is a subscription anyway?


People who subscribe can use pictures in there projects. You can subscribe monthly or yearly!