Should Hopscotch become more advanced



Hi. I’m wondering if anyone else agrees that Hopscotch should maybe become more advanced. I’m not saying the regular app but maybe a second app for people who are really to learn more advanced code. Now I understand there are other apps you can use for this but it probably would be nice for something made by the HS team. Just my opinion.


no. it’s an app for kids. not really preteens or teens, they can learn other things on different apps, Hopscotch is for begginers


Eh, most of the community is artists, so making a complex app might not work out well


I would say no like @Kayro. It is intended for kids and not supposed to be complicated.


But it would be separate, so artists could stay on the current one!


Yall might wanna actually read


But it could be a separate app though.


Yes! That is a good idea. Maybe it will be put through…


Then not a lot of people would join though


Hopscotch for an older age group might not work great.


Maybe. Yes.


right now the older users on HS are people who were kids on HS before. If it is advertised to teens there will be much more foul language and behavior.


I see… that is a good point.


Maybe like a Hopscotch + like they still do this but Hopscotch + would be harder
I like to code but I’m no good at java script (and out of ideas that’s why I do more art)


All these comments are assuming there aren’t little kids who can do and advanced coding


This isn’t a bad idea but at the moment I think they should focus on hopscotch


True. It wasn’t just and idea and I wanted to post something so… I did this.


Yeah, and all the coders are throwing hate on the artists because Hopscotch is flooded with them.


I see no reason for it to be necessary. Hopscotch can be used to make lots of advanced projects, and I don’t see anything really that would require a whole new app. Creating another app would also take away time from creating video tutorials, and adding new features to the main app.


I totally agree with @Petrichor. Well said! :clap:

But with that mentioned, THT are welcome to add more features to the app, but maybe not too advanced stuff.