Should General Topics Get Their Own Category?


I think that General Topics should get they kind of just clog up Random Stuff I have realized…what do you guys think?

General Topic Category?

This has been discussed before. I don’t think it’s a good idea because it encourages people to make them, and a lot of them are off-topic.

I hope you don’t mind that I fixed the typo in your title. Sorry, I had to :stuck_out_tongue:


I know…my grammar is bad but I find it interesting because when you edited the title it looked like you had edited the first post…I guess they are more connected than I thought…

Yeah actually that is a good posing I never thought about…


The forum has lost most of its relation. Mute Random Stuff and get used to it.


Does muting random stuff mean that you mute all topics in random stuff? Including ones you are already watching and tracking?


Yes GTs seem bad but they are just a way to talk to another forumer about themselves to see what u have in common and if u want to collab or what they are working on or stuff.





No, only the ones that are Normal/Muted.


That doesn’t mean it’s not against the rules. #random-stuff is still very much for Hopscotch-related topics.


The mute button doesn’t work for some reason

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