Should a do a free to come collab project?


I was thinking why don't I make a collab where I just put the username and password on the fourms? So everyone can come? Would it be allowed?

If this does work then tell me by doing @Niftynia75


Hmm, this may not be the best idea. Hopscotch is not neccisarily full of trolls but if one finds the password then all the work is down the drain. Maybe send it out to a bunch of HS emails and if they respond they are in?


How do I send to HS emails?


You can email them at


So I email the hopscotch team?


So, you get someones Hopscotch email (an email they have made for Hopscotch uses only) and send it using your Hopscotch email.


Ok so how do I find that?


Let me just answer you question
Yes you can but I wouldn't because some people might just come and mess everything up


Maybe you could make a topic that says, new collab put Hopscotch email if interested