Shou.TV livestream [MAYBE COMING UP]



Hello everybody!

I am thinking of starting streaming live Hopscotch videos when I have time! But, I don´t know if that is allowed?
YouTube is allowed, but I want to stream on, an app for iOS (it also works on the web).
What do you think?

Other channel information

I am thinking of making a account called William04GamerA or something like that. I have streamed on before, but on other accounts.

Voice Probably, if you can hear enough.
Recording Normally, you use AirShou, but it doesn´t work on iOS 10. I´ll use the camera instead, but I have a good recording setup so you will see HS well.
When In GMT time zone, around 15-16PM.
How I will recording using iPhone 5S or my old iPhone 5. I´ll use an iPad air, but it has the old editor so I might get hopscotch on an iPad Air 2.

Please share what you think?


i have done a livestream without voice before. try that?


A good idea would be to use OBS on a computer and Reflector 2. The iPad needs to have Reflector 2 as well. Reflector 2 does cost money, however. (I have made a video, but currently it sits in my laptop, only the audio (which I wanted) was uploaded to my YT Channel).


@Liza @Rodrigo @Montoya


another thing to note was that my microphone was disabled. So yeah, my voice didn't make it. Just what anyone on Hopscotch would probably want.


oh COME ON!!!


Great idea! I think will be easier, but I will think about that!


Wait so what's your screen recorder vidyo is getting old


On iOS i use AirShou as a screen recorder.


I´ll have a stream upcoming, but is this allowed? I think I should add the OMTL if nobody answers...


It depends what your streaming on

#12, if you know what that is.


Yes, as long as it is Hopscotch related!


Great, I´ll make an account and stream in like 10 - 20 - 30 minutes. Using camera and an iPad Air, on


But are you sure? I don´t want to get banned or anything like that.


Yes I know I watch that a lot

I would say no, that is a very unsafe community but I mean I think streaming on YouTube would be allowed


That community isn´t the best, but it would be easiest for me. Stream will probably not be coming up...
I´ll think of it.


I say email Liza

She will give you a awnser


I´ll do that, that´s what I´ve been thinking of.