Shortened Hopscotch Etiquette



Continuing the discussion from Hopscotch Etiquette:

@OrangeScent1 and @CreativeCoder both made amazing tutorials, and I am here to make it shorter, and a little easier to understand :wink:

How should I compliment someone?

If someone has an AMAZING project, it's good to remix them and tell them how amazing their work is!

What is Rehopping?

Rehopping is when you basically repost the project without any add ons. Some people find offense to this, while others love it when you do it!

What is Remixing?

Remixing is pretty straightforward, it's just changing up something in the project, maybe like a bug fix. Adding a short message on it can really brighten someone's day!

How should I treat the community?

Try to complement people on their projects (by liking), it probably took them a while to make! Try not to take or copy other people's work, if you do it by accident thats okay! Never say or do mean things on someone's project and work.

What is the difference between likes and plays?


Likes are a fundamental staple of Hopscotch, these pockets of controversy are given when somebody enjoys a particular project!


Plays are just a count of how many times your project has been played, or entered by hopscotchers.

How should I give my request?

Hopscotch is filled with amazing artists, and some people are willing to draw something that other people want them to draw, called requesting. Before you say how you requested 2 hours ago, and your request isn't done, remember that many people are requesting too! If you are nice and say "Please" and "Thank You", your request will get done eventually.

What should I do when I see an Innapropriate project?

Report it, report it, report it! When you play a project, there are 3 dots to the upper left. When the menu pops up, select "Report Project", and continue from there with the easy-to-follow steps.You will be keeping the community safer by doing so!

If someone is off topic, what should I do?

Well, make sure to see how off topic they are! If it is still somewhat related to the original post, and they get back on topic, it is okay! If they aren't for a consistent amount of time, give them a friendly reminder to get them back on topic.

If someone is being consistently rude to another Hopscotcher, what should I do about it?

I highly suggest that you do not get involved, and instead report it, and email the Hopscotch team. If you do get involved, I would keep it in a nice way.

I want to be a leader! What can I do?

A first idea is to try not and state in a reply or topic "I should be a leader, why am I not one?!" It is okay that you aren't a leader, most people aren't! A way to increase your chances of becoming a leader is to be supportful, helpful, and follow the community guidelines!

Remember to check out the (amazing!) tutorials by @OrangeScent1 and @CreativeCoder !




About the request thing...
I just saw this person who said they requested 6 months ago
I checked their profile, and I didn't seen ONE project requesting for me
Pretty sure they just wanted their drawing done quickly :confused:
Also, thanks for complimenting my topic :blush:


I like both of your tutorials! They are both very helpful and could help improve the community!


I have added more to the "tutorial" :wink: