Sheniqua general topic :D C: c: (ಠ‿ಠ✿) Mastle for lyfe Mastle is cool, Mastle is awesome, Mastle is a majestic violet blobfish TOPIC OF PM MALTY! Violet blobs r best ˚✧₊⁎❝᷀ົཽ≀ˍ̮ ❝᷀ົཽ⁎⁺˳✧༚ chocolatio frenshake Malty is so fun! -Yusa || malty’s amzing :000



Hi, guise! :3

This is my general topic! c:

This was inspired by all of the people I’ve seen make topics like this before, but mostly inspired by @GysvANDRegulus, @Pingu, and @CreativeCoder. c:

You can ask me questions, I’ll post projects, and you can add some feedback! :3

I’ll post announcements about inactivity, and just generally(get it, general XD nvm) when I need to! :3

I’ll also ask for help here, when I need it. (Which is a lot. XD)

Thanks for reading, and have an amazing morning/afternoon/evening/midnight! :3

And yes, I added midnight for you peeps. XD ^^^

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Well I do have something to say,
@Maltese is awesome!!!


Good 10:52 pm

Do you like rebel Chinese takeout-loving me

PS I don't use punctuation in general topics unless it's needed that's why I'm such a rebel

To be related, I'll be here looking when you post! You honestly are an amazing Hopscotcher, and I'd think you'd make an amazing leader!


Thicks you! :D


You're amazing. :3

I love Chinese Takeout. XD


You're welcome! :3

It's true. XD


Really? ;u;

Thanks so much! c:


Of course! Do you think I'd lie? You need to be leader



I don't, but still. XD

That's so nice of you! :3

You need to be a leader! :3


Hi malty

I'm really energized right now I just had Chinese takeout

How are you?

I'm a big air conditioner of yours!



Omg :0

That's so nice of you ;u;

I learned so much from you and helping others, it gave me confidence to go out and do the same. :D


It says the truth


Malty, what are you coding? :D


Awwww that's so much! You're always so sweet! Not to mention you're an amazing coder and person!


Hi! :3

Don't get too energized XD

Fine, thanks! :3

Really? What a coincidence, I'm sitting under one. XD


I'm coding a drawing pad(which has been in my drafts for over 3-4 months lol), a flower trail art background, a chicken trail art, and my summer project! :3

I procrastinate too much, so I don't get things finished, though. XD



You're too nice lol




You know I don't mean that. Would I ever lie to you? :0

Fite me I'll rekt u m8 c:<

Pls don't say those things about yourself, I'm serious D:


Umm Maybe? You should be leader! What is your record of likes? What is your favorite project you have made and your favorite project another hopscotcher has made?


Exactly lol