Sheep Game in 3D?


Hello there!

You might remember my old Sheep game?

I had an idea about remaking it, but in 3D! It would use my 3D platform (link here).
What do you think about this? How should the gameplay work?



It would be really cool! Maybe you could make it as a First Person Game?


That would be absolutely fabulous! Good Luck!


Hmm, so since the robots spawn off screen in 2D, maybe they could be dropped off by aliens in a UFO for 3D. That’d be interesting


That’s a great idea! I could also do some view distance effect; the further away, the less visible.




Will it be a First person point of view, or third person?

(There should also be a miature Map in the bottom left or right that shows where you are, along with the enemies (or where the shots are coming from))


I could make it so that the player can switch camera mode :thinking:


Yeah, that’s a good idea
How would that work? That’d be really interesting

There should also be a mother ship looming in the sky above you, and you need to find 4 Chrystal towers and shoot them down, which will destroy the mother ship (As the alien waves are attacking you)

There should be a campaign/challenge mode and an infinite wave mode


That’s an awesome idea for the gameplay.


There’s a lot of directions this game could go in, it’s definitely gonna turn out awesome :+1:


I already have created a basic first person game (intended to be SWBF) which I can use.


Oh, nice! That definitely will work!

How are the 3D textures going to work, like hiding behind rocks or trees? That’d be interesting because they’d be 2D. Maybe you could to an Animation of an image with the pictures Animation update :thinking: Or just have the game be flat

Hopefully it’s not like battlefront 2 where you have to pay micro transactions to play the game :joy:


I don’t know about this. I think this is the type of game that is better in 2D.


BlastFusion sad he wanted to do a sheep game in 3D too. But I think you are shooting the sheep instead


Alrighty, I’ve been working on it a little bit. It works ok, I, trying to figure out how to tell which direction you are facing in (I want the “+” to be a “^” instead and it shows which direction you are facing in, but I’m not sure how that’s going to work)

Just been playing around



Ahhhhh, that’s what I was going to do…
Never mind I’ll let you do it. I’ll make something else. Back to my natural habitat of thinking.

Did you get the idea from me?

Just no. Titanfall is the best shooter game.


Eh, I thought of something else. It’s going to have no custom 3D movement though.




O.o. O.O. O.0. (o.O)/

Oo Oo Ooo (Oh my god) :smile:

This is amazing…


Only a Titanfall fan would ever say that XD
Personally I love Splatoon 2