Sharing your best tips!


what are some of your best tips EVER to help a lot of people in hopscotch


Always think positive and don't let anyone bring you down. First tip, yeah!


Think potatoes... Ok actually never give up!


not just me other people!

  1. Give out tons of Shoutouts, likes, and follows!


My best tips

Graphics: Don't place buttons and stuff random, and don't use Emojis too much.
Put down work in making it look good.

Controls: Make them easy to understand, or add some Instructions on how to control the game.

If you're making something complicated, see if you can make it easier.

I'll maybe add more tips!
Hope this helped! :wink:

To all 'famous' hopscotchers

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It not about popularity, it's about having fun!


I never use emojis really XD, I think they add nothing to a game, in fact they make it worse.

  • Please don't argue about politics.


Try. Never give up!
Have fun.