Sharing IPs with a sibling



firstly: sorry if there's something like this already, searching is considerably more difficult on mobile!! ^^;

to keep things concise, i'm trying to get my brother to join the forums!! it's probably not going to happen any time soon, but in case he does i wanted to make sure someone knows it's him and not me pretending to be new :DD

my real question here is for the mods or anyone who knows: siblings would share IP addresses, right? is there any way to distinguish my account from his?


That's a super cool idea! I would love to do that with my brother!
You should talk to him and see if he's interested in the topics and coding!
Having a sibling on the forum can be really fun because you might stumble across the same topic, and have the same opinion or totally different ones!

Convince him by showing him what you do and how it functions. If he doesn't want to, don't force him! He might change his mind!

I hope this helps!


He or you do either use vpn which stands for

"Virtual Private Network"

Using that you can go on public sites without being anonymous on the ip part

I sometimes use Vpn for my own privacy :P


Maybe how you guys type?