Sharing HS YouTube accounts are allowed!


Hi there guys so @liza told me we are allowed to share are HS YouTube CHANNELS!

Share them here!

@Kiwicute2013 yes I got permission from Liza.


Share a link here!

My gaming I will upload HS channel


Really? That's so cool :slight_smile:




Seems counterintuitive, since communication outside of the forum isn't allowed, but I guess if Liza said so!


Photobomb. :3
At first it looked like I emailed you, and I was like, "WHAAA? NOOOO!!" :D
Then I realized it was just a notification. :3




Does the channel have tone based on hopscotch? What if it's based on tech?


Hmm I don't know.

You could ask them


When you find out this about your channel...



Yay! This is great news!


I'm on there too xD


@Liza is this ok? Don't worry! All of my content is clean!


I had ideas for videos on my channel so I am definitely starting a new one, ok maybe not definitely


Well I have my very small channel. It's mostly minecraft based and you can finally hear my voice :P

Don't worry! I will never show my face and :D

Just a video promoting a project! This video is only accessed with people with the links of the video so any drama could be controlled

If any guy manages to get the link I'll just delete his comment

K bye



The topic I Made has been awnsered! Thanks :sunglasses:

Anyways I would share mine, but my channel is complet cringe


My channel, i lost two subscribers xD


im gaining subs, my latest video will make fun of that soon.



I am just gaming, but maybe I will make a hopsoctch I will ask my parents.


Coolio! Is Instagram also allowed if it is like a HS related account? I was thinking about that but I didn't know if it was allowed.



Idk though.