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My Latest project : POPPING 3D BACKGROUND!!!


I like your project! Great job!


That's so cool! I wonder how u did it!


Here is the code in picture sequences:

scroll down to see the continuation there is more so keep on scrollin'! 1 more part to this (It's long)
If this doesn't really make sense, and you want to see the code, visit my profile on Hopscotch: HoppingBanana:banana:. The project is called POPPING 3D BACKGROUND!!! You can change the colors. Experimenting is great!


that is so cool @HoppingBanana!


Thank you @Pippu!!!!!


This is one of my recent projects. It's a game called "lost in space"

It's pretty hard!!! Please try it! (By the way, it's a game that has probably the most coding I've ever done, and most of my projects are pretty simple!!!)


Nice job! @Hoppertoscotch


Space is a great source of inspiration for projects :smiley:


Thanks @HoppingBanana and @t1_hopscotch! The stars are the points, I also made "lost in space 2" recently!!!

Are you confused with them both? I can explain how they are different!!!
Oh yeah, I couldn't beat lost in space 2, you actually have a point on it when you are playing and you win on lost in space 2, but the oringonal lost in space is a forever lasting gather-points avoid-obstacles game.


If anyone needs inspiration I have this idea of a Tetris game using the new objects.