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Hey Hopscotchers!

Are there things that drive you crazy about Hopscotch? Things that you’d be crazy happy if we added? Burning questions you’ve been wanting to ask?

Now’s your chance to tell us, in-depth, all your thoughts about Hopscotch. You get to give all your feedback to me or another member of the Hopscotch team. Conversations happen on the phone and take about 25 minutes (with a parent’s permission, of course).

Your ideas are REALLY important. Your feedback will help us plan Hopscotch improvements over the next few months.

Want to sign up? Ask your parents to email Liza at

UPDATE: I’m closing this topic to encourage you to email me if you want to share your ideas. To really understand where you’re coming from, we are interviewing Hopscotchers and their parents on the phone. If you want to participate, just email :slight_smile:

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Woah first hhh

I might have a few ideas :3



this is pretty cool!! i might look into this



I was thinking some things music related…
A lot of things
I might just spam my ideas here! :)


Number of followers, and a faster and better working editor. Oooo dark mode maybe?


That should be Number 1 priority.


Love these ideas—keep 'em coming!

We are collecting your ideas via quick chats with you and your parents. So if you want to participate, have your parents email me at



Could you somehow add a music feature? What I mean is like having it play when your not in a game (searching up stuff, etc.) or being able to add it into your own project (when you make one


I had a question like this on one of my topics and this what I said

In Geometry Dash, There are things called “Creator points”. (In Hopscotch terms) if you get featured, you get a creator point. If you get a project in the “Game changers” section, you would get 5-10 Creator points. Because of this, there should be a “top creators list” section measured on how many CPs you have. Hopefully you get the point.


Hmmm, this seems interesting

I think we should add competitions but instead of prizes like features a little tag shows beneath a users name and it’s like
“2018 Spooky Contest Winner”


Ignore the fact that it’s a quote for a random post in the topic

Or do I need to call you to give suggestions


The “Start Sound” section has 64 unique sounds, which is awesome! However, there could be a lot added to that category to make it a whole lot better.

More Notes
2 octaves isn’t merely enough for music makers. It would be nice if notes C2 to C6 was added, but it would be great if it got stretched up to C1 to C7.

Oscillators and Frequencies*
Custom frequencies would be great because they can be represented with number values. You could have sine, saw, triangle, and square waves, creating different sounds without needing to add any instruments! You can play around with them here—

Tap to add note
You could add a note just by simply tapping on the grand staff! (Alto clef can be added but not needed) It may look something like this:

You can even tap multiple notes to add them to play at the same time!

Volume Blocks
Volume blocks could be separate Start Sound blocks, because you don’t want to type the volume in every Start Sound block. Volume could be from 0 to 16, reflecting Apple’s volume.

What the new Start Sound block might add
It will include the conditional “and” to accommodate for multiple notes!

What the new Start Sound block might look like
Same thing, but with a darker green “and” conditional that can be added.

*just make sure the frequency isn’t too high (or low) ;)

New Sound Effects

Ok, now time to write up ideas about a stats page…


My mom wants to see Apple Swift tutorials in Hopscotch. If you add that, you have a guaranteed subscriber


Ooh great idea :+1:
There can also be some that say “Game Changers” or “Top 100 Rising (or trending)” or “Featured,” too!


Even the Hopscotch forum won’t allow product promotion.


What do you mean? This isn’t product promotion.


Swift has a subscription, too, y’know. If Hopscotch promotes Swift, people might be paying Swift rather than Hopscotch. Yikes!


Wrong. Swift costs money only if you want to post your app on the App Store. Also, it doesn’t have to be swift. I just know that is a language they are familiar with.