Share your Hopscotch goals



What are your HS goals? Mine are to get followed by @OrangeScent1 get followed by @LotsaPizza get followed by @SmileyAlyssa and get on featured
Comment with your goals below. Maybe they'll come true!


Mine is to get featured and to get a like from THT, :smile:


Help anyone I can!


I will be the goal fairy:
@asha @Liza please like one of @Dude73 's projects.

  1. Get to the very top of all hopscotch things (maybe not all idk)
  2. Get followed by Magmapop
  3. Get on featured
  4. Get a like from Hopscotch (if it hasn't already happened)
  5. Help fellow hopscotchers more at coding
  6. Inspire a hopscotcher (at least once but this isn't really a goal of mine)


I have one goal only.

To help others succeed in coding while i'm learning myself. I really want to put others before me. I think everyone should be able to become a master coder and I love helping them. So my goal is just to help others succeed before i even think about myself.


To get on top of trending with ART, to get a code featured, to be followed by famous people.


That's exactly what i mean by my above post ^^^^^

GREAT wording and goal!


I'm the goal fairy! :D

Check your activity! :D


Thank you!!!!!!! This is soooo cool.


I made a topic about this two days ago!
Anyway, my goals are to get on feature, get followed by the hopscotch team, and improve my coding skills!


My goals are to get on featured, get a follow from a well-known hopscotcher or THT and to help the hopscotchers I know personally with coding.


Mine is to get followed by either @SmileyAlyssa or @SmilingSnowflakes and to get on featured (my HS account is fluffycreampuffs)


At least get 10 likes a project in hopscotch

Im very bad!:frowning:


You have 10 likes on your app challenge!
One was from me!
Your goal is complete!


Sorry, but please search before you post. As you see, @Huggingfluffybear and I already made topics about this. But mine are to get followed by the Hopscotch Team, go to Hopscotch Headquarters, get on Featured, and get on Rising and get followed by MagmaPOP.


1 Get on featured
2 be recognised as a coder, not a artist
3 be followed by valgo, LotsaPizza, and avocadodont. (I'm already followed by OrangeScent, squee!)
4 be more helpful...?
I will come up with more :D

  1. To be noticed
  2. Too have 30 likes
  3. Yo be on rising-featured
  4. To be a "woah" moment


Mine is to get on featured and be followed by MagmaPOP amd some more amazing hopscotcher Look at my account Hero Dino for my kinda long list of goals


So I'm new to the forum although I started at somewhere at January bit how to change my profile picture and start own chat. Can anyone tell me anything you know about da forum.