Share your Hopscotch Coded Music


Unlike my other topic, I would like to see other peoples' music that they have made because I want to hear them :slight_smile:
So please link your hopscotch music projects for Anon to hear



I dun have any sorry ;-;


It took forever! Because I used the same music on my first ever project...


I'll hunt my one attempt down after I get home, it isn't very good, XD


Guys pls




Hi! Thanks for the tag!


I'm pretty sure I made an old topic about some music I've coded in Hopscotch XD

A looooooonnnnnggggg time ago

here lol


I just can't.


I don't know how people make music :laughing:


Thanks for the tag! I can't make music though


Guys come onnnnnnnnn


I've made some but I can't link
Omg Anon is suspended until tomorrow for saying hi what how in the world does that work