Share your greatest projects!


So ive been thinking, have you ever wanted to see an AMAZING hopscotcher you never seen? Seeing projects that make you think the next magmapop is here, or just find someone you like on hopscotch.

Well amigo, I got a topic for you!
Here you can share your best project, and maybe you can get more followers, fans, and make a new persons mind blow! I dont know what else to say :confused:
(its 9:45 PM)

(please tell me if theres a topic on this)


This is a greatawesomedelicioushotpuppers topik! :D



That is awesome


I would say... probably my Pokèmon Go Game or my Minecraft bucket pixel art, I worked hard on both projects, and both got trending!

The old projects I like best is probably my Christmas project and my "Cool Draw". That got featured!
And, my first trending project is also good, it is called "Ring of Rings"