Share your great ideas!



Do you have a great idea that you want to share? I'm making a club where you can share your idea. I need ideas. If you have a question, idea or if you want to join this, ask me. Remember that your idea must be a coding idea. I haven't told you much about my idea, but here's one: The name of this idea will be called Great Ideas. (I will be the president of Great Ideas and I will choose a Co. President.)


Game ideas:
Bouncy grape

Art ideas:
Draw yourself
Soccer ball
Bob the Builder
BAE(Bacon and Eggs)


Those are great ideas StarryDream. do you want to join great ideas?


I know that you are calling this a club, but other than that, it is exactly like my topic...


Maybe we should work together?


Ok. What r u thinking?


Can I be Co.Pres? Or did u choose already? I would love to join! Sounds fun!


It's great!!! I'll think about putting you as the job of the co.president.


I'll have to pick a co.president. I'll put you on the Great Ideas sign up list.




Do you think we should get in touch by email or hopscotch forum. I sent the Hopscotch team a message that says how can we get to talk to each other in private, like if there is a surprise. If you don't like the sound of using your email I could just delete my message.


I would rather you do it on the forum, and chat about it on here. :^D


It's not to you, ButterBark, It's to @happyfacegirl.


I know, but I was just looking at this topic, also I have a few ideas!! Maybe make a Timber! Game!! :^D


We are not allowed to use email, so no email. But you could ask the leaders to set up a private message between us.


I did tell the tell the leaders.


(This is to ButterBark) Well, sure, if you want to join just let me know. (And if you are interested in Great Ideas I might put you as co. president.)


I just learned that we can't use email or a private message. :cry:


Ok. Welll, what was so private that you wanted to tell me?


I don't know. Maybe it was a bad idea after all.