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Show your best art work, any that you did


Wow, I love these! They're amazing!


What kind of colored pencils do you use?


I've already shown all my good art, people will get tired of it.:sweat_smile:


I won't :stuck_out_tongue:


I use Prismacolor premier colored pencils.


Those are really good arts! Theyre better than anything I've seen here so far.
Unfortunately, there's already a topic about this.


Art. (Edited by Gilbert)


I see another one in the one with the car. Is that a work in progress?

Also, you have nice carpet.


Thanks? :joy::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Yeah, there are 2 works in progress in that picture.


Your drawings are awesome! (^∇^)


@Yoshino and @Gilbert189 your art is amazing! My drawings are not good :pensive:


Thanks! Your drawing are awesome too!


Do you really mean it?! :slightly_smiling:


I love your art!
It's super kawaiii c:

I have more but it's not gonna upload if i add it ^_^


Yeah! Your drawing is is good!


I LOVE ever ones art but there has been a topic that had over 4000 posts in it that is the same as this one please (don't meen to sound mean ) but search before you post.


Oh sorry, I didn't know that 🙁


Woah you are Good


Oh it's fine this would still be fine to use since it has like 4000 posts on it the name of the topic is

Drawimg on paper compared to shading