Share yo drawings here!


This is a drawing I made for a new friend in my new school!


Um... there's already a topic like this.


Great drawing!

But this topic belongs here!

Remember to search before you post!


Awesome drawing! There's already a topic like this:

You could recycle this topic, or I could merge it! :D


It means to put this topic, in the other topic! :0


Have everyone delete their posts and use this topic for something else


No, theres just another topic for it


Tel everyone to delete there posts


Ok I will delete mine everyone else delete yours


You can post your own topic but it shouldn't be like another topic :s


Ok @SmilingSnowflakes can you merge these topics?


I'll try! :D


Just click on the three dots and then click the trash can.


Click the ... next to your post, then the trash can :s
@MobCraft @SmilingSnowflakes they are recycling this. :wink:


Just pressure tree dots at the bottom of your post, a trash can will come up press that


I mean there are 22 replies already


@MobCraft I failed.

Too many posts to merge. ;-;
Can't merge. ;-;


You can only do it on your posts



@PopTart0219 can you delete the "Closed" and "Opened" posts (cuz you're a mod)