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This was inspired by @Intellection74's share pixel art topic! You share your projects here, and give others feedback! You can gain plays by posting the link. And please give out ideas too!

The Rules!

  1. Don't break the rules
  2. If you break a rule, refer to rule number 1
  3. Share only projects that you think deserve attention
  4. Put the link and describe what the game or somthing else you coded is and how you play it
  5. If it's art, post a picture
  6. Never put a link to a chatroom

Rules that are accepted!

  1. Putting a description of it
  2. Anything other than the wrong rules
  3. Put projects you put effort into
  4. Put projects that you think deserve attention

I'm sharing a logo for @KVJ!
It uses Sine and Cosine, because @KVJ likes sine and cosine.

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This is a great topic I will post mine in a bit


Thanks! I'm not publishing often because of #big projects!


Thoughts about my energy project?
I'm presenting it to my class on Wednesday :grimacing:
I worked hard on it :slight_smile:


Cool! I think you worked hard on it because of the code! It has something like 45 text objects.


Hey, why was #big—oh, I didn't put :tag. Let's try, #Cool_Project::tag. Doesn't work.


Yah, it took lots of text and lots of work. Thank you :D


Wow! I feel so honoured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Le more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!s


This is my wiggly 3D draw project.


I was making this FNaF game, where you have a pet (Golden Freddy from the minigames) and if you don't keep him happy he'll jumpscare you, but here's where I need feedback. I feel like its missing something, idk what but please tell me any creative ideas you have that you think will improve it.

here's a quick tutorial on how to play
Money: use it to buy, food, increase the space of your bucket, and increase your bucket income.

Bucket: the bucket holds money that you get overtime. The bucket gets full but you can buy a bigger one, and you increase how much money you get for every five seconds.

Happiness: The heart tells how happy Golden Freddy is, if his happiness reaches 0 the screen will start to turn darker and darker. You will have to rapidly tap the screen if you want to survive. If you do, his happiness will increase by 25

Chicken: other than human flesh he'll only eat dead chickens for 15 moneyz. Once you have enough money to buy a chicken you drag it into his mouth and his happiness will increase by 10-30.

Sorry for the long post, here's a banana :banana:
pls don't steal it's not even done


I'm really proud of this project! It's a quiz, and I worked really hard on it.


Also, that was my first quiz, so please tell me if you find any problems.


It's Awsome! Really cool!

Also,, ove the teasing answer part, where it stretches the time out!


I'm not sure if I'm just saying this but it says I'm an athlete?
I put down answers like Doctor who and robotics and design, how did I get athletic?


I have no clue, that's the iPad. I'm not really in control of that.


Check out my silly project, and find out what your silly cat will do! :slight_smile:


It is very weird... Ie, it is AWESOME!!
I got this! (I can't draw and it's been ages since I have written on HS btw!)

Keep up the great work!

If anyone wants to check it out, here:
I know it's above but meh


Thanks for checking out my project! It was inspired by someone's "my silly little brother" project.


It's an awsome project!


Feedback on this?
More updates will be coming.
Dental Surgeon v1.0