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Do you want to share a hopscotch story? Now you can on this topic here is my story

The great hopscotch mystery

10 likes for chapter two

DEEPSEA (choose your own adventure) VOTES NEEDED

I like this story, but I think we have enough topics of this :sweat_smile:
Maybe stick to one and post there?


But it seems people notice it more like this


Anyone else want to read chapter 2


6 likes great job guys you are almost there! This next chapter is going to be a long and detailed one (I am almost done)


@Liza I am hoping I can publish this when I am done so I am just wondering what you Think, can you tell me?


Story's are fun let's get reading everyday


I am done with the next chapter!


I do it's so good!!!!! I would want to be in hopscotch land!


@Huggingfluffybear would you like to be in the story?


I would love that! If it's possible


@Huggingfluffybear It is I can do that would you like to be in hopscotch land or a user? What name will you go by? It needs to be a fake one


Does anyone else want to be part of my story?


I would like to be a username named hugabear!


No @Huggingfluffybear choose a name like Sam


Oh okay hmmm BAM no jk how bout tom!


Tom it is! @Snoopy do you want added to the story?


Can I make a movie for this?


Get it cause bam rhymes with sam


Can I be in the story?