Shape scaling playground!


Personally I think this is really cool. Check it out!

I use the old scrolling concept but apply it to 2D shapes, giving them a third dimension…


That is super duper cool @XAMANION


Yeah, I saw that! It was pretty cool.


It’s not very surprising to me as I’ve had the beta for a while now and I have played with that, but it’s still pretty cool!


Wow, amazing! I am sure that you can make many awesome things with this.


Kinda similar to one of my projects.



Nope not really. Yours doesn’t work as one would expect. I used the code used for scrolling to make the size scalable in either direction, as naturally a human would do it. And no, I didn’t copy you, this is the first time I’ve seen your project.


I’m not saying you copied me. Could you help me to make it scaleable in both directions?


But that would be copying me…

Anyways, I said, use the code for scrolling. Take the distance between the finger and the size, and then update the size as the finger moves @MISSION_IMPOSSIBLE


Ah-Ha! (Thanks BTW)


Great! Now fix the diagonal scaling!



Oh. Of course. I completely forgot about the diagonal… * Insert face-palming emoji here * Why can’t Apple actually add that emoji though?