Shape art requests!



The boy is now taking shape art requests! Just tell the boy what you want and he will tell you about when it is gonna be done! He can do animals, pictures and maybe for really tough ones movies with shapes and emojis!
He will give you the link when it's done.
It also could take a while to make the animated requests just so you know.


???????????????? Um I do not understand what you are saying


Are you doing third person????


Oh yeah, I am taking shape art requests that is where you create pictures out of shapes, and I am also taking animated shape art requests, that could be with emojis.


Oh, ok, are you just doing this cause there is nothing else to do? If so, I need a lot of help


No @tankt2016 is two people a boy and a girl!


Yeah, but on at different times.

-the girl


Awesome, @tankt2016! This is a pretty easy request: can you make a smiley face? :smile:


Okay! Wait, already made one, just getting it…


Okay, link:


Already done!


Anyone here I'm still taking shape art requests?