Shams HS and HF challenge! Challenge: SlimeCoded!

Inspired by many other challenges......... I am hosting the SlimeStressBall Challenge!
Its very easy!
All you have to do is make slime or a slimestressball, and post the image on here... also you must code your slime and use the hashtag #ShamStressBall on the project on HS! I will check the project!
Due date is FEBUARY 12!!
All entry's must be posted on here
Have fun!

First place:
A follow.spam like. A project. A logo. A shoutout!
Second place:
A follow. Spam like. A project.
Third place:
10+ likes. A project.
Honorary mention prizes:
A shout out. A logo.


Entry form:
HS username:
Will you be making a Stressball or slime?


You can make your slime many different ways, but I use this recipe ignore the stressball part if you are not doing one! Also, include a picture after you get in! Also have fun with this! Add glitter food coloring or whatever! You can also use glitter glue that is elmers brand!

slime: mix 1/4 cup if elmers school glue in with one tablespoon of water. Add food coloring as desired. Continue to mix this until it happy with it. I would recommend poking, continue to add more until it no longer sticks to you finger, WARNING DO THIS ON A CLEAN AND SAFE SURFACE!!!!!! To make it a stress ball, take a funnel and a balloon, and stick the slime into the funnel and put ballot on the end of the funnel. Use something to get the slime into the balloon. Tye a knot and the end of the ballon! Congrats you has stressball!


Hey, i didnt ask to be a judge.
I would love to be a judge in this!


When's the due date? :))
Also, thanks for adding me as a judge. It will be really cool to see some of the entries!

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@Pandablossom can ya get the omtl for here please? I added de date

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