Shall I Make Locked Away 3?



I am not sure how many of you have played my game Locked Away. I have made a sequel which is now finished. Anyway, I am thinking of making a third one but, considering that there wasn't much success with the first 2, I am unsure whether to do so or not. Please comment whether you think I should or shouldn't and why, because I am really interested to find out what you think. If you haven't played the first 2, please play them (do versions 1.5 as they are the most recent versions).


Yes please. Definitely make the third one!


Can I have a link to the first locked away and the second?


Locked Away 1:
Locked Away 2:


Are your games like a mini demo of FNAF?


They are a bit like that. It is a different concept though. You can only close one door at a time, making skill just as important as perseverance. There is no power or anything like that. It is not based of FNAF in any way except the first person, not being able to move around part.


An idea for your next game you could have the player look in 4 directions.
And have 2 doors on each side of the room for a total of 8 doors.


Good idea. That would be quite hard to make though. Quite complicated. What part of the story would it be?


I could make the room for you with 2 doors for each side.
I would make the doors open by swiping the doors.
Only 1 can open at a time
And have left/right arrows to turn/change view.
Just reply asking for my help if you want it.


No thank you. I can make it myself. I will use that idea though, if you don't mind, and obviously give you credit. I prefer to work alone (like batman :joy:) unless it's going to be incredibly hard to make alone (like the collab working on now). I will make it after I have finished the FNAF collab project.