Shall I bring my iPad?



I am going on holiday so shall I bring my iPad so that I can chat more? Or are you bored of me.


We are never bored of you! Can you go without Hopscotch for a day or two? It's your choice to bring it or not.

If your vacation is like a month long or more, maybe you should bring it.

Just so you don't have 1,000+ forum notifications.

But if you don't bring it, you should take yourself off of the friendly mass tag list.


What has the fourm come to...

Yes definitely!

No one is bored of anyone!


Like @tankt2016 said, the community is never bored of you! It's just a matter of personal opinion!



I did but I mostly used my laptop,

and when I did use my iPad it was for photos and a very tiny bit of hopscotch
(For camp meow)


We are never bored of you! If you want to bring you iPad, do it! If not, see you!


We are not bored of you but If I were in your case I wouldn't bring my iPad because I would want to enjoy my vacation.
You can be on the forum anytime once you come back but I'm guessing that you won't have the opportunity to go on this vacation again​:wink:.
Lol, I am beggining to sound just like my parents!


I was silly saying that you were bored of me but I want to enter the Hopscotch summer contest and so I'll probably bring my iPad.