Shadow Awards! [Now it's closed, sorry for the delay]


I am starting the Shadow Awards! This is like the "Rising" category in @Follow4LikesOfficial's "Hopscotch, A Year in Review" but a bit different. This award revolves around the "unseen" Hopscotchers who are worth of high status. Along with that, this is more code-oriented and less fame-oriented (no offense @Follow4LikesOfficial).

This is now closed, voting starts!

REQUIREMENTS (most just prevent fame-based voting):
- Must have a good project (approved by me)
- Must have a low average like rate around 0-30 (not trying to offend famous people, sorry if I do) (had to edit because 0-15 is extremely low, the only people in that range of likes are newbies)
- Must be good-natured/if he/she is on the forum, less than 5 inappropiate/spam flags
- Must have never been on Featured
If you don't meet the requirements, you can still help by posting links to projects you really liked that are like "Oh my god, why isn't this on Featured?"
@Calico2.0 (Velveeta Keeta)
(the list is long, I'll check people's projects and cut down this list)


@Intellection74 @comicvillestudios YogiLC @DuckmanTerry


@Rawrbear @BlackPrincess @MobCraft @friendship2468


Oh, forgot to mention, but post a "demo" of their skills.


I specified the like thing.
Also, you can also aim for non-forum users, as @UptownStudios did.
Btw all of these users I've heard about except YogiLC and BlackPrincess.


Also, they can't have been on Featured, sorry.
Just trying to not have this be a "Who's Popular" sort of thing.


He's awesome! Here's links to some of his great projects:


So, what's the prize? My guess is that you'love ask as many people as possible that are famous to give a shoutout to them..?



This was data from the forum, and me and @OrangeScent1 did it.

I feel kinda hurt, when you said "no offense". I just wanted to brighten someone's day, although I do understand what you are trying to say. Have you looked at my shoutouts?


I have a lot of good projects, just check my profile Phase Admin.
I get 0-15 a lot but I have gotten more before.
Less than 5 inappropiate/spam flags.
I have NEVER been on Featured.


Okay! Yup! I need a project of yours!


Yeah, on my normal account. They are cool! But I'm sorry, I just thought that the "Rising" category's winners were like popular.


Can you just look? I am on a computer. Sorry for the hassle!


I'm, do I s-uck to bad to be nominated or can I do this or something?


Nomination is a good thing because you feel respected and if you are famous you already should feel proud!


I meet all the requirements. I feel like a shadow sometimes...

Here's one of my latest projects I'm proud of:


I meet all the requirements I think...


What's your account called? I want to like it! :smile:


Velveeta Keeta. I've went through alot of accounts, and I don't know how to change mine from Calico2.0 to VelveetaKeeta.


I love your avatar! It's hilarious!