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Yep. By the way, Nice anti-hack. It was super complicated, and I even didn’t get past it.


@BumpSplatGaming.Co Do u like the second tag I added?


Hey @TheDeliciousOrange


Hay @BumpSplatGaming.Co why does ramming into an enemy tank destroy it?


Yeah. I saw that also. That should also kill u…


Or at least damage u


Idk. I want to add it so I did…




Ramming does more damage than a cannon, but depending on how powerful the enemy is you will take damage.


Ok. That’s good. Also, is it possible to break the BsGC boss?


By editing the code yes, but in game, no.


Ok…also tanx can spawn right next to u in survival mode. Maybe make it so that they can’t spawn within the screen? IDK if that’s possible tho…


That would also be cool.


The spawning is random so I don’t think I can do anything about it.


Maybe make it so u lose XP when u bump the edge?


TEM is now using a calculator to try to break through your firewall u made…


But I did try. I don’t know how to make it not spawn next too you without messing other stuff up. The code is so complicated that it’s really hard to modify without messing something up.


Huh do you think I should? I mean they’re just barriers to prevent you from leaving the map.


You could make a distance to thingy?