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Did u finish the hacking TEM?


Nah. I decided against it, as I found out it’s really easy to get tens of thousands of credits.


I forgot the save codes though. :man_facepalming:


How is it easy?


I have them! When r u getting to school?


Never mind…


Hey @BumpSplatGaming.Co can you add a feature in which if you shoot an enemies homing missile it explodes


@BumpSplatGaming.Co I agree with that! Also, thanks for the credit! 1 problem, and 1 suggestion. The problem, is that the scrolling text is kind of glitchy. The suggestion, is maybe you can play it again after you see the credits? A back button maybe?


Oh yeah! Tysm for the end scene credits!


Sure! That’s a good idea!


Thanks! That would be awesome…


Thanks! Yayayayyayay when will official release be out?


I’m adding a mini map. It shows the enemy’s on the map if they’re in range.


Very soon! Did you find any bugs? @TheDeliciousOrange @Stylishpoopemoji33?


None that I spotted maybe @Awesome_E could bug shoot…


Awesome! Can’t wait!


None yet. I’m gonna look more carefully earlier.


@BumpSplatGaming.Co if you don’t mind, can I stick to the role of beta tester and leaving all the coding to you guys, I don’t want to mess it up!




thanks! lemme know if i need to test any projects, I got my HS working again!