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Ok. Can’t wait to c it! Bother TDO and TEM are hacking it now…


I gtg. Had fun chatting! Bye,


There’s nothing to cheat in that project!


Maybe that could be a setting?
Like you could have barrier-kill on if you want?




Who wants to beta-test my HS Birthday game?

There’s gonna be 5 rooms. And I’m planning on entering it into the escape the room challenge if I have time…gotta work hard


Wow no ones here now


I’ll do it but I’m busy now. Later?


Ok later…I need to finish room 1 and start room 2 by the end of today


Sounds good!


True. It’s really hard.


Maybe. What do u think BSGC?


Idk what setting would kill you…


I’m not sure either…


The barriers are literally just walls. How can a wall hurt if you touch it?


It could have spikes. Or be set on fire.


Yeah but the walls in my game are just walls without anything else.


Ooh yeah
A setting to turn on wall danger
Barbed wire. Fire. Bombs. Spikes.


@Leaders is it possible to put the top post on global edit? Thank you!


@BumpSplatGaming.Co thank you so much for creating hover tanx! game! I just finished playing through the entire game. I will happily help you with anything you need. Let me know, I’ll bug test, add code, do whatever you need. I’d love to help make this game the best it can be.