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Maybe. In some games, the barrier is kind of a think that will kill you when you touch. Let’s use an anyonoumous poll.

  • Sounds like a good idea
  • Maybe…
  • Bad idea.
  • I don’t really care…

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You can use A2 + B2 = C2 to determine how far a tank is from the main character.


That would be really cool. Maybe it could let you know if it’s within the range of your gu.n?


More likely just 512 pixels or more. (Off screen)


Like a mini map?


Yes! Just to let u know if it’s a waste of ammo sh.oo.ting at them.


What do you mean “waste”


Sure…that might be cool! Maybe it is only within a certain distance from u


Like if it’s not going to hit them, it’s a waste of ammo trying.


Not hitting them? I don’t follow.


IDK. Playability is a huge factor…also there could be a “auto aim” cannon. It would be EEEXXXTTRRREEEMMMEELLLYYY expensive…


If they’re are more than a certain range, you can’t hit them. Right?


Like 75 k?


SPE33 is saying that if a tank is out of range then it might display that it can’t be shot at.


Exactly! Make sense BSGC?


TEM is getting mad at your code…


Back to bug fixing.
If you are going at max speed and ram a tank and go at max speed thro it you don’t take any damage.


Oh I get it well you can only damage an enemy that’s within your screen or on the edge of the screen.


Yeah! Exactly.


Isn’t already like that?