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Ask to join if you want!


First reply! This is cool…


Maybe put “unread” in the title?


Sure! Maybe I should reset the password as I am not sure what it is either haha

But for our first project, what should we do?


Idk. Have you ever wanted to make a game but didn’t know how to do it?


Oh actually I found the pass, when you here @Silverdolphin, tag me so I can get it to you.


@BumpSplatGaming.Co okie!


Gtg! Bye! See ya later! Sry!


Okay later then!



So I have made this background but for some reasons the bubbles are all funny


I have done that before, let me link you a project of mine with the same technique before further help


Okay thank you!


I used it here, and it is a super old project but you’ll find it!

~ It’s the bigger circle directly left of Zombear


Okay I will have a look now then I shall get back to you


Cool! I just learned something new about my own project too that I forgot!
The circles will actually follow your tilt :smiley:


Coolio! Do you mind if I copy that? I will give you credit of course!


No problem! Any time


Thank you! It’s a cool project by the way!


Yeah it doesn’t really compare to my google site where I can put videos of gameplay and keep all high scores in one place without clogging the forum with posts about it.



Here is the final thing: