SF Team Collab!


Hey!!! I’m making a Collab!!
I hope you would like to join Password will be given (In a Way) @OMTL

Request to share collab login details securely

Could I join please???






I’m afraid that I don’t have time right now, but I would love to be in a collab with you. I will be sure to let you know if things change :slight_smile:


Yeah! I’ll join! I haven’t made really anything on hopscotch in a while and I wanna do something! Count me in!!! :D


@SkyFrost what is the password


I think the password can be given in a pm if we ask a mod


Ok Thnks


I can remix one of your hopscotch project with the password and delete it immediately (it is quicker then making a PM)


Quicker, but not nearly as safe. Anyone viewing the new section can easily hack the account. Just ask a mod.




Here I’ll tag @t1_hopscotch can you make a pm so @SkyFrost can share the pass?


Wait ok t1 hasn’t been active and I didn’t know that cuz I haven’t been active either xD


that’s the problem…




But it doesn’t matter. The account will easily be hacked as if we upload a project, anyone can instantly see it. We can’t take the risk.


But he could post it off of a new account


There are people in other time zones. Australia, uk, us. We can’t take the risk. I’m only doing this because, that’s how I shared the code a long time ago, on a collab i made, and guess what happened. Everything was silent then this one guy kept sending us threats to destroy our project. He eventually gave it back but I don’t wanna take the risk. You can do it if you want, but if the project is ruined, it’s not my fault.