Setting to set project to be rotated

I would like a setting which allows you to have two options; Portrait or landscape. I have a phone project which I wanted it to turn out as an iPad but it became a phone instead. It allows you to switch the project’s rotation to landscape or portrait but not creating a new project. Pls add


I’m not sure they’ll add that feature. It might break your project. The orientation created is based on your device’s orientation. The size is based on your screen size.

You can use AE’s player to change your stage size to anything you want.

(link: Hopscotch Project Builder)

Just upload from files » Hopscotch » json_projects (tip: sort by date, the first will be the newest)

Tap “Built-in Actions” and change it to Stage Size. Then change the value to whatever you want.

Tip: switch the numbers to switch from portrait to landscape or vise versa

1024 x 768 = standard iPad (9.7", 10.5", etc.) (Landscape)

1194 x 834 = 11" iPad (Landscape)

1366 x 1024 = 12.9" iPad (Landscape)

Then tap save. Download the Save HS Project Shortcut if needed (make sure “allow untrusted shortcuts” is enabled in Settings). Modify it to overwrite when saved if you are on iOS 15 or later.

Then save to Files » Hopscotch » json_projects

@Awesome_E can give you more detail if you are still confused.


Though, I think it would be nice to be able to choose the stage size. Perhaps the first option could be “Screen Size” so it’ll set to your device’s size (for simplicity). Then have the other sizes (iPhone, iPad, etc.) it would mainly be convenient for those who wanted an iPad project but only has an iPad (or has a 12.9" iPad but needed a standard sized one, like me when I created those tile-based platformers (well, two of them. I owe it all to Spy Guy 96)).


No, I want it to be in my HS app and post it something idk


rotate your device to the orientation you want before creating a whole new project


I agree this would be a welcome addition since I can only use a phone for my coding projects and it currently makes things pretty difficult not being able to have different settings to choose from :hs_bear:

There are other ways to do this though, the AE web player being one. I have a draft project from a while back I made on an iPad with the same account which I can use for more projects by duplicating the draft.

There is no landscape mode for phones when using the coding stage or browsing projects. Landscape mode is only available if you are playing a project and tilt your phone.


no but want I want is what if I added A lot blocks to a project, I need to add a button which can save the “blocks”


when rotating


I know what you meant but it doesn’t work with a phone :man_shrugging:


just tested, sorry, i thought it’ll work on phones too oops


Using AE’s player is the only way to change it to anything other than your screen size.


It would definitely be a handy feature to be able to set this after the project has been created, from within the app itself!


Yeah I’d really like to see this feature implemented at some point. It would be super useful especially for phone users like myself. Great ideas @/TheCoder_LOL


Just realized that I’m able to go into a project, enter landscape mode, and then exit the project to be in landscape mode that way and make a draft that is horizontal. This did not work last I tried a week ago.


Yes!! This would be super helpful!


That’s what I meant


Although the idea can also alter screen size, it’s max is only the maximum screen size


I’d like to add on to this – something I’ve wanted to see is actually the ability to set the screen size with a block in addition to being able to change it from within the app. But yeah, it’s a cool idea!

As for what @Crosbyman64 was saying, you can see this video on how to use my editor. (You would change stage size instead of built-in actions > secret blocks) It’s a tool I created that allows you to modify project files and save them back to the HS app.


It can’t, there is more width and height on a IPad and everything is messsed up unless you use division for every position. Same switching back to IPhone

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Yep, this is the big problem. I wonder if it could autoscale but there has to be a way to deal with this more reasonably for it to work.