Setting the width?



Can I set the width (x scale) of an object independently of its height?

This would be really really really useful. Please.



Hey! I'm not sure I entirely understand the question. Can you explain more please?:wink:


@AdamMercado Do you mean you want some block that will make the object grow only by width? If so, I don't think there is a block to do so, since there probably only is a grow and shrink block.


What @Gilbert189 said, could you explain? Do you mean the values? Object?



Hi there, sorry for being vague. @YuxinaYammy had it right. I am trying to make buttons (the interactive kind, not the shirt kind) out of square emojis and just wanted to increase the x-scale to creat a rectangular shape. This type of block would be so useful as I am often up against this problem. Thanks for quick responses


So what exactly are you trying to do? I think I can help. Can you send screenshots please?:wink:



Okay, so what are you trying to do here?


Like I stated above, I want to use the black square emojis as interactive buttons and would prefer them to be rectangular as opposed to square. From what I can tell after digging around this is not currently possible



Oh, so you want a rectangular black emoji, rather then a black emoji square?


The best thing to do would be using a Unicode block or a shape, but you could use clones I suppose. You can't change only a width or height currently in Hopscotch.


Do you want a emoji? If not theres a rectangle block i think you could use that


Yeah the rectangle object is an option but it's ugly. The emoji at least is aesthetically pleasing. This highlights one area where Scratch excels over Hopscotch currently, the ability to import custom artwork. The built in assets, while okay for learning the basics of coding, are practically useless for creating anything close to beautiful