Setting Text Question?


I haven't coded much since the most recent update, but I was trying to make a—something—and I couldn't figure this out.
Is there still a way to set text to a value, or a "random _ through _" block with the most recent update? I've tried all the ways I used to do it, and none of them have worked.



Here! I had the same question :joy:


When you set text there will be a button that looks like the "values" icon:

Click that and it will take you to the calculator and values section!


Nice explanation I found out that yesterday


Thanks! You're a big help, Intellection74!


This needs to be way more obvious.


The button has a coloured background.

It's pretty obvious. But to be fair the symbol isn't quite as obvious...


The button is almost hidden.



I guess it's invisibility to be <4%


The button to set a text to a value is not obvious. It should have text on it. The old editor worked better.




What does this mean?


If you post (read:say) so...