Set Width/Height is Delayed (OPEN)

@awesomeonion @Ana @Rodrigo
The Set Width/Height block does not set the width & height attributes until the end of the frame. All other blocks change the corresponding object attribute immediately so the new values can be referenced subsequently within the same frame. New width & height values can not be referenced until the next frame.

For example, this sets characteristics of Square and passes a local variable, position, and rotation from Square to Square 2 with the same frame. However, as shown, the width/height do not pass within the same frame. If the Set Width/Height of Square 2 is delayed until the next frame (just insert any additional code block above it) the values will pass as expected

Note: The top object is Square but was cut off in the screen shot, and a Set Color block referencing the (self)Color is used elsewhere


Hey there!

What version of Hopscotch, iOS do you use. Also what device/model? Thanks.


Device: iPhone10,1
iOS Version: 12.1.4
Hopscotch Version: 3.33.0
Player Version: 4cfd8e2


Device: iPad4,1
iOS Version: 10.2
Hopscotch Version: 3.33.3
Player Version: 4cfd8e2

Same results with both


We’re working on this.
Thank you for your patience.