Set Text while opening a project link!


I found a very weird glitch that occurs when you are in Set Text and then open a project link while you are still at Set Text. What happens is the Set Text won't go away and you have to restart Hopscotch.

My theory is that since the text it is editing doesn't exist, the done and cancel buttons both can't do the action of closing the GUI if there is no object. Also, considering that it opens up the resulting game, it can't go back to "See Code."


Hmm.. This doesn't happen to me. Maybe the published it while Set Text was open?


So open the Set Text GUI (as shown). Then, go back to another topic and click on a project link. It will open up, but the Set Text GUI will be blocking it and can't be closed (Cancel and Done won't work either way).


This has happened before, and I'm pretty sure they are aware of it. I would email them and then hope for the best :wink:




I know! That happened a lot to me. One time I lost all my work I started because I didn't save it as a draft. It's annoying.


Did it happen when opening a project link? I'll have to check if it saves progress or not.

Oh wait, I was talking about using a draft and you were talking about an already published project. Also, this is just another way to cause the "Can't click Cancel or Done" glitch. :wink:


That's happened to me before:frowning:️


That ALWAYS happens to be because I can't save the project Or click cancel or done