Set text to value?


With the new update is there a way to set text to a value?


Yeah by the keyboard on the left you'll see three lines. Click those!

Setting Text Question?

@kvj i have said it before i say it again YOU IS EVERYWHERE


Le >; )


Oh, thank you so much! I was freaking out!!!


@KVJ beat me to it XD
As he said, there's a little symbol ( ) next to the keyboard that you click.


Le >; )

That's a smol pic!


Wery smol indeed.
do not question the W.

Please that's how some Germans might pronounce it anyway :wink:


I think i've got a pleasant AirPrint for you... If I know you right...


Hmmm :thinking:....


Ok, it turns out AutoCorrect doesn't like surprises... It was supposed to be surprise, not AirPrints XD


:joy: oh because I was wondering wot? :laughing:


Yah, I did it. Thank you guys so much!! I had thought that the update was pretty good, but after I thought that you couldnt set text to a value because of the new update, i was starting to hate the new update. When @kvj told me to hit the 3 lines and then it worked i was like: :smiley::scream::smiley::scream::smiley::scream::smiley::scream::smiley::scream::smiley::scream::smiley::scream:


Yeah. It just takes some getting used to. Now I love the new update!


A pleasant AirPrint XD


Yep XD.


I know, XD




Won't be that useful but what @KVJ said