Set text/sprites changing randomly [SOLVED]

Version 3.40.2

“Bag”, “Pokemon”, “hey …” are all set texts which function as though under a set width block. There are set width blocks used elsewhere, however.

I have heard @Awesome_E report similar issues with set text, as it sometimes throws random and unexpected versions of the intended text.

iPad Air 2, iOS 13


So the width and height is off?


Which implies that they are off.


Yes, that is why I asked, since the title made it seem like it was the text that was wrong.

Set text and set width and height has been off since they added set width and height, though I’m not sure why. Where are the set width and height blocks in the objects that are affected?


The set height and width are on different objects, such as the rectangles. The texts have basically no code at all


I think that a lot of the time it is because text sets between the 2nd and 3rd frame, and width and height is based on the wrong texture, though I am not entirely sure on the exact cause or whether that belongs to this topic specifically.


That’s weird. Can you get the bug to work in a smaller project? Does it change if you restart the project?


Yep, it’s already a small test project, and I just deleted all other code, and exited the project to allow the files to clean themselves out. Restarts make no difference.


Hey there! Looking into this, and I’m not able to reproduce it…I added 2 text objects with no code, and a couple of shapes each with Set Width + Height blocks, but the text is showing as normal for me. Is the issue still happening for you? Any other objects or blocks I should add to try to reproduce it?


I just made another project, and made 60ish clones of a square, and had two set texts which displayed two different variables (one being the clone count) That’s really it. The other text with words has no code, and is shown to have slightly decreased its width.

So yes, it is still happening for me. As for the blocks, the only blocks used were repeat abilities, clones, set position (all of these were for the squares), set text to a variable, and a few value increases.

And I haven’t quite yet updated my hopscotch to the latest version. I’m planning on doing that soon


Cool, thanks for the additional info. I added some repeats, clones, set positions, and variables and still seeing the text look normal on my side. :frowning: Let me know if the update helps at all, or if you detect any other patterns that might be causing it!


Yes, no problem. I just downloaded the new update and remade the project. I can’t seem to replicate the bug, no matter the amount of clones or texts. The texts appear as they normally should, which is awesome.


@Leaders, this issue has been solved by the new update. The topic can be closed.

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