Set speed messing up Leave A Trail?



Ok. I'm making a game with lanes. There is water on the side that will kill you if you hit it, so it's a rectangle, making the lanes harder to make. I came up with this code:

Now, it loads slowly so I add a Set Speed. Lemme show what happened. (Remember the blue is rectangles because it needs to be)




@admins this is a REALLY bad glitch!!!


Hmm did you publish the project?


That stinks! I don't know how topic that glitch


@Work_kids_coding no. Still work-in-progress project. It's just kinda a glitch that needs to be notified of, along with I don't want to be able to die before the project is even loading, and hat means more annoying values to make a loading screen blablablabla, make objects not button, blablabla.


Publish the project and I will fix it


And values are easy to do


Can you post a link, so I can help you? Also your blues are different colors


I know, I gotta go to bed and I'm going somewhere tomorrow so see you in a little while!!!


Values are annoying......
Anyways, here!


If you want I can make a loading screen


@Work_kids_coding no, it's fine, but thanks anyway!