Set size not working



I have a game where you can select my character. When one is selected, it will be bigger than the other things because that one selected, at least, that's what is supposed to happen.

Tap the character, nothing happens.

What did I do not do?


Use the grow by and shrink by command


That is very weird, I was doing that on game that I am currently working on and it was for me @Hoppertoscotch. Can you publish project and name it to Phase AdminĀ®. What is your hopscotch username?


@Joewheels2 grow by and shrink by is confusing. Also, it should work with set size, anyway.


Hopscotch user=gamergirlofgamers. It says so in my description.


@Phase_Studios the link is here. Should be anyway.


I am fixing it for you @Hoppertoscotch .


Their may be some bugs with the selection @Hoppertoscotch.


I checked your project just now @Hoppertoscotch and the size was working fine when you tapped the characters :hushed: (except I think for the bee's code, maybe you want to make it "Set Size to 100" instead of "Set Size to 50" :smiley:)