Set position is broken



So, there's this glitch with set position....

The second squished box is supposed to teleport to the first when the game starts.....

...but instead it ends up here..........

Here's the code:



The X and Y don't belong to the same squished block

Change the Y, to squished box 1's y Position


Oh whoops.......
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I think that I see the problem. You have, probably by a mistake, just entered the wrong values in the Set Position block. As I understand it, the second box should be exactly where the first one is in the beginning, right? You should just change the Set Y position to "Squished Box 2" instead of "Squished Box 2". I hope that this helps, if it doesn't work, tag me!


Oh wait, @Dylan329 were first, and we have the same answer.


X and Y aren't going to the same character. It's different
Oh, ok, you have the answer up there

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Oh okay :blush: I see you would like to close this — although it might not seem really necessary to me, sure I can do that.